Three Stripes and You’re In With Adidas Tennis Shoes

It was 1948 when Adi Dassler introduced the official name; Adidas. It was then that he also came up with the distinctive Adidas trademark; the three stripes, that can be seen on all Adidas tennis shoes and other sportswear.

Throughout the years while the Adidas brand continued to grow, Adidas tennis shoes were spotted at tons of national sporting events like the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki where Emil Zatopek won three gold medals wearing Adidas tennis shoes.

In 1954, the German football team won the World Cup wearing Adi`s football boots with innovative screw-in studs, the boot that was later called the “World Champion.”

Wilma Rudolph had Polio as a child and was never expected to walk again. It was in 1960, at the Olympic Games in Rome where, Rudolph, also known as the “Black Gazelle,” won three medals wearing the legendary Adidas tennis shoes. To mark this special event, the “Italia” shoe was born and is still popular today.

In 1964, at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Adidas tennis shoes were being worn by 80% of the competitors. Dassler also designed a new running shoe for Adebe Bikila which pushed his weight forward in order to repair his running style.

The official Adidas tennis shoes have been around since 1948, but even before that, Adi Dassler was creating tennis shoes.  Since 1920, Dassler followed three guiding principles: To produce the best shoe to serve the needs of the sport, to protect the athlete from injury and to make the shoe durable. Although Adi Dassler has passed away, Adidas still follows these principles in an effort to maintain their reputation and dedication to creating great shoes.

Adi Dassler had a modest aspiration; to design good shoes, and that he did. He wasn’t driven by money, only a love for sports which is evident when wearing Adidas tennis shoes.


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