Prince T24 Tennis Shoes: Better Than Ever!

Prince is known for its top-quality designs, made for both men and women players. The company has updated the Prince T22`s and formed the Prince T24 tennis shoes, making them more versatile than ever.

Not only are the Prince T24 tennis shoes great for the active tennis player, they work for an array of other activities like running, volleyball, even quick errands.

The Prince T24 is the updated model of the T22`s which were recognized by the Tennis Industry Association and Sports Marketing as being the best-selling athletic shoe of 2010.

The T line of prince tennis shoes employs cutting edge technology which enhances lateral movements on the court.  The Prince T24 tennis shoe maintains all the qualities of its predecessor but features even more qualities.

The shoe has better breathability with its air mesh quarter, tongue panels and vamp. The shoe also provides maximum comfort with the lightweight synthetic material and even more cushioning with the PU sockliner.

The Prince T24 tennis shoes also provide stability with the innovative TPU forefoot straps and help avoid toe dragging with the RASH toe cap. The shoe also saves your feet from impact with the shock eraser. The PU insert causes shock to disperse underneath the feet.

Lateral stability is also enhanced with the “wishbone” TPU Shank and Prince also employs the PRC 1000 outsole providing maximum durability. Prince puts so much faith into the PRC 1000, offering a six-month outsole guarantee and you can play on any court surface without losing traction.

Not only are the Prince T24 tennis shoes of superior quality, they are extremely aesthetically appealing. The Women`s model comes in turquoise, white, black and silver while the men`s come in black, navy and green.

Prince T24 tennis shoes are packed with state-of –the-art technology offering superior comfort, ventilation, and stability. They were created for the active individual, helping reduce the risk of injury and boosting performance level.

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Courtney Sloan is a freelance writer and a student at Mira Costa College studying mass media. As a writer with a passion for tennis, health and fitness, she has made it her mission to find helpful information about tennis products and other important issues and share them with the community. Be sure to find her on Facebook and Twitter ! View all posts by courtneytennis760

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