Tennis Bags for Women and Animal Print: A Perfect Match!

If you’re a female tennis player you don`t have to settle for a boring duffle bag to meet your needs. Tennis bags for women have evolved along with the fashion world and makers of tennis bags for women, such as Jet or 40 Love Courture keep you stylish on the court while maintaining the functionality you expect in a tennis bag. Whak Sak tennis Bag Company has even been called a “diva phenomenon,” and what diva doesn’t arrive in style?

Over the years, women`s fashion has changed dramatically. In the 1960`s, for instance, many traditional fashion trends were broken, reflecting the social movements of the time. The 60`s gave way to go-go boots, culottes, the pillbox hat and the ever so popular, bikini, which was featured in the 1963 musical, Beach Party. Since the 60`s we have seen countless trends come and go but tennis bags for women have kept up with the rapidly changing world of women`s fashion.

I have never thought about this before but a friend of mine brought this to my attention; women`s fashion, ironically, seems to replicate nature. Animal print, for instance, is extremely popular these days and what is ironic about this trend is that these prints (zebra, leopard, crocodile, etc.), is that these patterns are used by creatures for survival. Animals use these patterns as camouflage, to avoid becoming lunch for another higher up in the food chain. We women use these markings to do the exact opposite; be noticed!

One of the most “in-style” trends of today is the zebra print and many tennis bags for women use this popular pattern. 40 Love Courture and Jet design many of their bags with the trendy pattern as well as Whak Sak, although the company has given the zebra pattern a different name; “Money Honey” tennis bags.

Reptile patterns are another inspiration for women`s fashion and again, tennis bags for women are keeping up with the times. You`ll will find many `croc` patterns from manufactures like 40 Love Courture, Whak Sak and Jet.

Tennis bags for women have kept up with the ironic world of women`s fashion, allowing female athletes to stay in style even on the court!

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Courtney Sloan is a freelance writer and a student at Mira Costa College studying mass media. As a writer with a passion for tennis, health and fitness, she has made it her mission to find helpful information about tennis products and other important issues and share them with the community. Be sure to find her on Facebook and Twitter ! View all posts by courtneytennis760

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