T-22 Team Prince Tennis Bags: Take One for the Team!

Since 1970, Prince Tennis Company has been an innovative leader in the tennis industry. They were the first to create the tennis ball machine for home court use, the first to introduce racquet technologies like “Oversize” and “Longbody” and the first brand to design the market`s multi-filament string. Prince tennis bags have also become extremely popular among players and the brand has introduced the T-22 Team tennis bags, built specifically for tennis teams.

Players of any kind of team typically dress in the same uniform, carry the same type of bag, and in some cases, they may even sport the same hairdo.

This type of similar attire within a team creates a sense of unity and shows the opponents that “if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.” The T-22 Team Prince tennis bag was built to conform to this team mentality.

The T-22 Team Prince tennis bags come in a variety of simple color schemes including black/white, green/white, navy/white, royal blue/white and red/white; all of which are designed to be embroidered with a school or team logo in many different locations.

Prince calls their T-22 Team collection, “the ultimate team bag,” and it was built to match their top-selling T22 Prince footwear line.

This specific Prince Tennis bag can hold 7-12 racquets and is also equipped with enough room for accessories, even a towel or a change of clothes. It also features a specific shoe pocket to keep your gear separate from your dirty shoes.

The Prince Company has “proven itself to be an industry leader in the innovation and manufacturing of performance racquet sports products” and they have no doubt lived up to that expectation in every aspect of their products. It is clear, through the T-22 Team and all their other bags, that Prince Tennis bags are held to that same standard.


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