Tennis Clothes: Now Enhanced for Comfort and Protection

Years ago, the tradition of wearing white to Wimbledon was established.  That is still the case at Wimbledon but at any other tournament tennis players are stepping out of the white tennis apparel and sporting uniforms with much more color and offer maximum comfort.

Before, not only were tennis players confined to wearing white tennis clothes but the shirts were made of cotton. Tennis players would actually wear white to hide sweat stains. Don`t get me wrong, cotton is great fabric and most of my wardrobe consists of cotton t-shirts, but when it comes to athletic clothes, cotton is not the best choice.

Although it is great at absorbing sweat which most athletes need, cotton fabric doesn`t allow you to get rid of the sweat once it is absorbed. Tennis clothes manufactures now put much more technology into their products so that they are built specifically to meet the needs of competitors.

Tennis shorts and shirts are now enhanced with odor resistant synthetic materials that get rid of sweat when it is absorbed into the fabric allowing you to stay drier and more comfortable.

With more knowledge about the harmful effects of UV rays, tennis apparel manufactures are even producing tennis shirts that offer protection from such factors.

Tennis shorts have also been improved with many of the same enhancements of tennis shirts like more athlete-friendly material. They are also longer and not as snug as what players used to wear. Although it was years ago, I still don`t know how Andre Agassi played in the denim shorts with spandex underneath… It must have been so uncomfortable!

Socks are another important piece of tennis apparel that should not be overlooked. There`s nothing worse than aching feet during a match. Again, average socks are made of cotton, which absorbs sweat but doesn’t get rid of it. Cotton can also cause chafing which will eventually lead to blisters. Many socks designed for tennis players are made with better material that manages sweat and offers more padding in the forefoot and heel for extra cushioning which can prove very helpful during the constant stop-and-go movements during an intense match.

Not only do sunglasses, hats and visors help ease annoying squinting, they help protect against harmful UV rays. Some modern sunglasses even have the capability to enhance the optic yellow properties of the ball, making it easier to see.

Tennis clothes have no doubt improved since the days of all white, cotton Polo’s and shirts. Many manufactures enhance their tennis apparel products with technology that aid in comfort and sun protection. Although it is important to keep the all-white tradition of Wimbledon alive, comfort should never be compromised and at other tournaments it is completely acceptable to sport some color.


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Courtney Sloan is a freelance writer and a student at Mira Costa College studying mass media. As a writer with a passion for tennis, health and fitness, she has made it her mission to find helpful information about tennis products and other important issues and share them with the community. Be sure to find her on Facebook and Twitter ! View all posts by courtneytennis760

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