Wasted Tennis Strings Go to Good Use: The Stringlet!

Having the right kind of tennis strings set to the right tension is so important to your game but one tennis player, Malcom Shieh, has found one more use for tennis string; bracelets!

Malcom Shieh began stringing racquets to earn extra cash to pay for court time and began noticing what a waste it would be to just toss the tennis string scraps into the trash. He came up with the Stringlet; a friendship bracelet composed of nylon tennis strings and held together by a silver magnetic clasp.

“It was my own effort to make something fun out of found materials from the sport, but even more so the product rose from a basic boredom with the souvenir offerings at tournaments—jumbo balls, tennis ball key chains and t-shirts—that I can remember from thirty years of watching pro tennis,” Shieh says. “From years of stringing, I know how durable string can be, so I started twisting the [tennis] string together and found they make pretty cool bracelets.”

Just like the colorful Jelly bracelets that you see on high school students, the Stringlet is targeted at junior players but has also been spotted being worn by high school, college and even USTA league players.

“It’s definitely skewed toward a younger crowd, but we’ve received orders from senior league team members too,” Shieh says. “When I initially made it, I was thinking more of fans who attend tournaments as the primary audience, so we made some red and yellow to represent Spain, for instance. We’re finding people choose the colors more to represent their team colors or just because they like a particular color.”

The colorful bracelets made of twisted tennis strings are available in a variety of colors and in the future, Shieh wants to create Stringlets with team names and slogans. Shieh also hopes that just like the color of martial arts belts that signify skill level, Singlets will become a sign of player level.

Not only do these tennis string bracelets turn waste into artful expression, Malcom Shieh wants to use them for charity. “We are also trying to align the sales of the Stringlet with a charitable or developmental program that would benefit the game,” Shieh says.

Thanks to Malcom Shieh, tennis strings now have one more purpose. The colorful Stringlets add color and expression to the game as well as turn trash into fashionable accessories. If you wish to purchase the Singlet for a doubles partner, teammates, a friend or for yourself, they are available at http://www.stringlet.net/.


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Courtney Sloan is a freelance writer and a student at Mira Costa College studying mass media. As a writer with a passion for tennis, health and fitness, she has made it her mission to find helpful information about tennis products and other important issues and share them with the community. Be sure to find her on Facebook and Twitter ! View all posts by courtneytennis760

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