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A Babolat Tennis Bag… Perfect for a Road Trip


My husband and my dog snuggled in the backseat.

Road trips are always an adventure; you start out with a plan but there are always some detours along the way. This Christmas, my husband, my brother-in-law and I decided to go to Texas to visit their side of the family. Rather than paying the high plane ticket prices that come with flying in the holiday season, we decided to rent a car and drive to Austin, Texas and, of course, we made a few stops along the way.

The first problem we ran into, however, was the size of the rental car. We thought the mid-size would be big enough to fit the three of us, our 85 pound Labrador retriever, our luggage and all the presents for the family. The mid-size, although great for gas mileage, was a tight squeeze. We had to leave some of our stuff behind but thanks to my Babolat tennis bag, I was able to take all of necessities along with me. I was able to fit 2 pairs of shoes, my makeup bag, toiletries, jacket, sweatshirt, gloves, hair straightener (because I never travel without it) and my tennis racquet, just in case I needed to teach the in-laws a thing or two about how to win a match. I even managed a few snacks, a jug of water and small bag of dog food for Dakota.

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Our foggy view of the snowy Grand Canyon.

We started off leaving our home in San Diego, California at midnight and decided to go four hours out of the way to the Grand Canyon. When we got there, although it was a beautiful site, there was too much fog to see very far down. Disappointed and frustrated that we added all that time on to our already 20 hour drive, we continued on our journey.

After another 6 hours of driving we stopped at a small town called Springerville in Arizona to stay overnight at my step-grandma`s house. The next morning we continued on our way to Carlsbad, New Mexico and stopped to hike through the Carlsbad Caverns, 750 feet underground.

I was thankful to have my Babolat bag with me because I needed something that I could carry like a backpack during the hike. I packed water bottles for all three of us, my camera and our sweatshirts because when you are that far underground, it gets pretty chilly!ut of the way to the Grand Canyon. When we got there, although it was a beautiful site, there was too much fog to see very far down. Disappointed and frustrated that we added all that time on to our already 20 hour drive, we continued on our journey.

Stalagmites and Stalactites at the Carlsbad  Caverns, NM

Stalagmites and Stalactites at the Carlsbad Caverns, NM

After our hike through the caverns we were on the road again. Another 10 hours to Austin, Texas, our final destination. We arrived at my in-laws house around 1 am. The next morning we got up and explored the town, again, thankful that I brought my tennis bag with me as we walked everywhere from the capital building to a small café probably about a mile away.

Overall, the road trip was exciting and full of adventure; although, I have to say I am not looking forward to the 20 hour drive home but at least I will have my trusty bag to keep all my belongings safe and organized for the long trip back.

My New Year`s Resolution: To Follow Through with my New Year`s Resolutions

New Year's ResolutionsI have never really been a person to set New Year`s resolutions because I feel it is something that everybody does with full intention of keeping them yet they are typically forgotten by February of the New Year. Gym memberships sky rocket and work out accessories like expensive Lululemon Yoga pants and tennis bags for girls fly off the shelves just to be put in that drawer that you put things in that you never use but you don`t have the heart to get rid of. Sales of stop smoking aides increase but as soon as you miss your aerobics class a few times or buy just one more pack of cigarettes, those resolutions quickly become failed attempts of self-improvement.

I have been recently thinking about ways to make my New Year`s resolutions actual  solutions. How do I lose that extra weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle for longer than a few weeks? How do I actually save money rather than just throwing some extra cash in an envelope and then borrowing from the envelope whenever I need a five dollar bill and promising to pay it back when I know that’s never going to happen? How do I start to travel more when my resolution to save money failed miserably?

My other issue with New Year`s resolutions is that I feel like it`s an excuse for people to do whatever they want in the current year and feel okay about it because they have sworn to change in the year to come. “Oh yeah I smoke, but I`m quitting on  January 1st!” “Sure I can have some pizza, after all, I start my strict diet on New Year`s, I might as well enjoy it while I can.” To me, it is a crutch.

I thought to myself that really, the reason I don`t set resolutions is because I don`t have enough faith in myself to follow through with them. So rather than fail, I just don`t try. The thought upset me because in my opinion, failing and not trying are one in the same. But how do I stick to my goals? Will my new tennis bag and expensive Yoga pants give me more motivation? Will opening an actual savings account rather than the empty envelope hidden under my bed actually help me save money? I don`t know the answer but this year, I am at least going to try and if I fail, hey– there`s always next year! LOL!