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Babolat Stringing Team Combines the Best Stringers and the Finest Babolat Strings

Pierre Babolat created the first Babolat strings in 1875 and since then the company has been perfecting tennis string. In 1927 the brand debuted the VS natural gut, in the 80`s they created the Babolat Stringing Team, in 2011 they had an official partnership with the French Open and on February 29,2012 they hosted the first Babolat VS String Team Academy.

The Babolat VS String Team Academy allows the best stringers in the tennis community to become certified to string with the Babolat VS String Team using the finest of Babolat Strings.

“We invited the best of the best to be part of our inaugural class of the Babolat VS String Team Academy,” stated Mickey Maule, Babolat National Sales Manager. “Our team created this event to have time together to share, learn and explore our collective knowledge of strings and the art of stringing to better service our players and customers.”

To become certified and apart of Babolat`s stringing team, participants must have partaken in  the String Team Academy, have stringing experience, knowledge of Babolat strings and know how stringing techniques affect each player`s game.

Based on their stringing skills and technological understanding of Babolat string, Babolat selected Chris Gaudreau and Marc Kessler to be the official stringing representatives of the U.S.  at the 2012 French Open.

“Stringing in a tournament like the French Open adds a different level of pressure,” Maule commented. “Chris and Marc both bring a strong technical proficiency and previous experience stringing for Grand Slam tournaments. We’re honored to have these talented stringers represent our brand at the French Open.”

Not only are Gaudreau and Kessler representing the brand with Babolat strings, they are reinforcing Babolat`s reputation as one of the leading tennis equipment brands in the world with their stringing expertise. Since the creation of their first string in 1875, the family owned and operated company has perfected tennis string with state-of-the-art technology and a love of the game.