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An Odd Item in Djokovic`s Tennis Bag

At the 2012 Wimbledon tournament, Novak Djokovic pulled an unsuspecting item out of his athletic bag…. What was it? A golf club!

Spectators were wondering why one of the world`s top ranked tennis players was carrying a golf club… Was he confused? Maybe he`s thinking about taking up a new hobby.

No he wasn`t confused and he isn`t retiring his tennis racquet… it was merely a publicity stunt to show off Head tennis company`s  new upright golf/tennis crossover sports bag.

“My sponsor provided me with a junior golf club,” Djokovic said after the match. “The racquet bags look like golf clubs. […] Fans corrected me straight away, saying ‘this is not a golf club’. We were trying to come up with something different.”

The publicity stunt was well thought out by the tennis company. They showcased
their new bag by getting the audience`s attention.

When I first saw the bag I thought that it`s not a bad idea by Head. Many people who play tennis also enjoy golf so why not make a bag that you can take from the tennis court to the putting green?

However, that wasn`t Head`s intention. According to the company website, the new White LTD Edition  was intended specifically for tennis.

“The new white HEAD bag echoes the design and functionality found in golf bags. The white racquet carrier comes with a simple fold-out stand system which allows the stylish piece of kit to remain upright for easy access; when not in use, the unique stand system folds neatly out of the way.”

Although Head may have not  designed the bag for a golfer, it would still work for those who enjoy both of the sports and “hats off” to the marketing team at the Head tennis company for coming up with such a good marketing tactic!


Marko Djokovic Comment`s on Living in His All-Star Brother`s Shadow

There’s always a lot of talk about Novak Djokovic and his unbelievable skill as a tennis player but what about his brother, Marko? Novak has no doubt opened up a lot of doors for his brother, especially on the ATP World Tour.

Although Marko Djokovic appreciates the help of his brother, he does feel as though he is somewhat living in Novak`s shadow, “There are a lot of positives. Financially, I have all the needs [met] and I can get all the coaches and all the practice I require. But there are negatives as well, as there are a lot of pressures on me and everybody expects a lot just because I am Novak’s brother. And this is really tough to achieve.”

There is definitely a lot of pressure on Marko to live up to his brother`s name and by sharing the same last name it is probably difficult for Marko to make his own name for himself but he is definitely paving his own path on the tour.

Marko Djokovic is a five-time Grand Slam winner, making his mark on the tennis world and having an all-star brother, he gets a lot of useful advice. “I was watching Novak. I remember he started playing tennis in the mountains. I was following him all these years, going to school as well, watching him, practicing next to him. He was my idol from when I was younger,” he said.

There is also another Djokovic, a third brother, Djordje, training in Florida, and just might be following in his two older brothers footsteps.

So yes, having an older brother in the business has its ups and downs but the positives must outweigh the negatives. The demands on Marko are steep but I have always been a believer that performance is enhanced under pressure.