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Rafael Nadal: Babolat Tennis Bags and Shakira

You will typically see Rafael Nadal looking good on the tennis court dressed in his Nike clothes and shoes with one of his Babolat tennis bags hanging on his shoulder; however, Rafael Nadal not only looks good during his matches with his aggressive style, but off the court as well.

When Rafael Nadal was younger he was actually a very promising soccer player. He was trained by one of his uncles until another uncle, Toni Nadal, a former tennis pro, recognized his skill as a tennis player. Not wanting his academic career to suffer, Rafael`s father made him choose between the two sports; the choice for Nadal was obvious.

In addition to being blessed with tremendous athletic ability, Nadal is blessed with the face and the body of a model. In2011,  “Rafa” replaced Cristiano Ronaldo as the new face of Armani Underwear and Jeans; the first tennis player ever endorsed by the brand who called Nadal “… ideal as he represents a healthy and positive model for youngsters.”

Even as a dancing Claymation figure, Nadal keeps his sexy appeal! As a global ambassador for Kia Motors, Nadal appeared in a comedic Kia commercial as himself but in clay form in a tournament against what appeared to be an alien.

What was most shocking to me was Nadal`s appearance is a music video. Shakira, a popular Colombian singer-songwriter, chose Rafael Nadal to appear as her love interest in the video for her song “Gypsy.” Shakira said that she chose the tennis pro because she felt as though he was someone she had a connection with. “I thought that maybe I needed someone I could in some way identify with. And Rafael Nadal is a person who has been totally committed to his career since he was very young. Since he was 17, I believe.”

As you can see, Rafael Nadal or “the king of clay” as he is sometimes called, is more than just a tennis player. We typically see him in his usual attire with his racquet, headband, Nike clothes and his signature Babolat tennis bag, but the soccer player turned tennis pro has taken his natural athletic ability and striking good looks to become a global sensation.


Rafael Nadal`s New Book Gets Bad Review

Although I have not read Rafael Nadal`s new autobiography, “Rafa,”  I stumbled across a few of the reviews on the new book.

In a review posted on tennischick.net, the author is not impressed by the book in which she says, “The problem with this book is that the language of the Rafa chapters is hopelessly inauthentic and unbelievable. Rafa’s voice is just not there. I don’t know who this person is who is speaking in the first person on his behalf, but he sounds nothing like Rafa. The real Rafa should sue him because he is fraud.”

While reading the review I found out that the book was co-written by Rafael Nadal and John Carlin, John Carlin actually has a Master’s degree in English Language and Literature from Oxford University. The problem is that Rafael Nadal does not have an English Language and Literature degree and in his interviews, it is apparent that English isn’t his first language.

English not being the pro`s first language is not a bad thing, I actually just wrote a school paper on how language and accent are a huge part of a persons` culture and you shouldn`t “tame” your native tongue. The problem, according to this review, is that you can tell that is isn`t Rafael`s true voice, it is Carlin`s.

The author of this book states that, “Nowhere in this book could I detect the authentic voice of Rafael Nadal. He’s nowhere to be found.”

Despite the  negative review I read on this book, I am still planning on reading it myself… that is, when I have some extra time! I am curious to read and see if I can find Rafa`s voice anywhere in the autobiography and from what I understand, his story is extremely interesting.

Noah`s Comments on Doping

In an article posted on ESPN.com, it is clear how angry Rafael Nadal is about the recent comments made by Yannick Noah.  Noah made remarks about French athletes not having a chance against Spanish athletes because they, “don’t have the magic potion.” Noah was clearly insinuating that Spanish competitors are doping in order to win. When Nadal was asked about Yannick`s comments he fired back,  “This guy deserve not (to) write anymore in the newspaper.” Nadal also said that Yannick Noah`s comments don`t hurt the image of Spanish players, however, the they do reflect poorly on Noah`s native country.