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UK Tennis Club Welcomes New Member: A Tennis Ball Machine

The Masham Tennis Club in the UK welcomed a new member to the team; a brand new Tennis Tutor tennis ball machine!

Part of the Masham Sports Association, the Masham Tennis Club aims to “provide superb subsidized coaching and have developed thriving Junior and Intermediate sections.” Thanks a “Community Chest” grant from a Harrogate Borough Council, the club was able to purchase their new tennis ball machine to aid in perfecting the skills of tennis players.

The new Tennis Tutor tennis ball machine can throw tennis balls over the net at 85 mph and can also change direction and elevation as needed. Paul Barker, Tennis Club chairman said, “It is great fun to use and I’m absolutely certain this will help to improve everyone’s general standards of tennis although I am a little nervous at being beaten hands down by the machine!”

Barker expressed his gratitude to HBC for their generosity with assisting in purchasing the new tennis ball machine and is ecstatic that this small club is becoming even more player friendly. In addition to the new machine, the club has also resurfaced all three of their courts.

The new tennis ball machine will be a great tool in coaching sessions with the club`s professional coach, Chris Worwood.

Tennis Tutor tennis ball machines are manufactured by the company, Sports Tutor, and are famous for being the best-selling tennis ball machines in the world. Their portable machine, the Tennis Tutor, is the number one seller in the US.

Tennis Tutor tennis ball machines are even employed by coaching pros at the ATP training center in Florida.

The new tennis ball machine will no doubt help club players refine their skills and grow as tennis competitors which is the ultimate goal of the Masham Tennis Club. Thanks to a generous grant, the growing club can better serve the needs of their current and future club members.

Create Your Family`s Personal Recreation Center With A Tennis Ball Machine

Growing up, my grandparents always had a tennis court in their backyard. You could make the tennis net higher if you wanted to play volleyball, and you could take the tennis net down altogether and play basketball with the hoops that were planted on either side of the court.  That court was probably what got me so interested in the game of tennis but there was one thing that it was missing; a tennis ball machine.

Sometimes I didn`t have a partner to play with so a tennis ball machine would have come in real handy! If you have the extra room on your property, you can make use of the spare space and make your backyard into your family`s own personal rec center; even if you’re on a budget!

For your own tennis court, you’re going to need to invest in tennis net. A ball machine would also make the tennis court even better because it will allow you and other members of the family to practice alone when others are busy.

There are so many options of tennis ball machines, ranging from around $500 all the way up to $8,000. Of course you don`t need an $8,000 tennis ball machine for a home court; there are plenty of options on the lower end of the price spectrum.

The battery operated Tennis Tutor Cube Oscillating Ball Machine is a lower cost tennis ball machine perfect for a home court.  It has a ball capacity of 150 balls and a ball ejection speed of 10-60 MPH.  The Tennis Cube also has a built in random oscillator that throws balls in a sweeping pattern from side to side giving you a great workout!

You can set the Tennis Cube to throw balls between every 2 seconds to every 10 seconds, letting you control how you want to practice your swings.

So if you have spare space, time, a little extra cash and you love the game of tennis, take a look at some of the products you need to create your family`s own private recreation center. Keep in mind, however, once you neighbors find out it might not be so private!