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Is it Time for Venus Williams to Retire Her Tennis Racquet?

Wednesday August 1, 2012 

While her sister, Serena, is playing strong, Venus Williams is on a losing streak. Is it time for her to retire her tennis racquet?

Although Venus Williams played strong in the first two rounds of singles this week in the London Olympics, she lost her third-round match today against Germany`s Angelique Kerber saying,  “I made a few errors and she hit a few winners, and things can go quickly in tennis.”

Her loss could be due to the fact that she was diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease leaving Williams feeling fatigued. Although she was only diagnosed with the condition in 2011, she wasn`t feeling herself for years but was misdiagnosed.

“For years I felt that I didn’t have enough stamina and then, four years ago, I felt like I was not getting enough air but I was diagnosed with exercise-induced asthma.”

Despite the struggles, Venus is about to be the first American tennis player to compete in four Olympics and said that she is planning to play in the 2016 Rio Games.

By 2016, Venus will be 36 and many tennis players retire before their late thirties and while some continue playing for years after, a health problem like Sjogren’s syndrome won`t help her performance however; Venus is hopeful saying, “It makes me want to get up and fight harder every day.”

Venus also lost in the opening round of Wimbledon only about a month ago and although loosing is always a part of the game, Williams has not had a first round loss since her first time at the legendary tournament. She also suffered  a second round loss at the French Open.

Could this be her body`s way of telling her it`s time to settle down? I admire both of the Williams sisters talent and what makes them even more admirable is that both have suffered health problems and have continued to compete in the game; Serena even took home the title in this year`s Wimbledon. Although the losing streak might signal that retirement is near for Venus, it is  hard for me to feel sorry for either of the tennis star sisters.

We all saw Serena yell at the chair umpire at the US Open Finals in 2011 which she was fined $2,000 for (I think she can afford it) and verbally abused a lineswoman at the 2009 US Open.

Player John McEnroe publically stated that both of the sisters have a bad attitude saying, “Enough is enough… Would it kill them to say hello to people in the locker room?”

“What they have achieved is great, but they have no respect for anyone in the game,” and McEnroe is not the only one who feels that the sisters do not deserve the status they have in women`s tennis.

I`d have to say I agree with McEnroe. They both have amazing talent but their arrogant attitude makes both of them hard to root for. I guess in cheering for the USA in this year`s Olympics I am somewhat supporting the sisters but beyond that, I won`t be rooting for either in tournaments to come.


Creative Home Décor Using Tennis Racquets!

While cleaning out my garage I stumbled upon a pile of old tennis racquets; some of them I used as a child, others worn out, some past down and even some vintage racquets I somehow acquired over the years.

I didn`t have the heart to toss them all in the dump pile so I decided to donate them but I held on to some of sentimental value, like the wooden tennis racquets that are somewhat of a family heirloom, passed down to me from generations before.

These wooden tennis racquets wouldn`t work in a match, they were long retired, but I didn`t want to just leave them in the garage for another ten years until I cleaned it out again.  I went online and discovered some creative things you can do with an old tennis racquet.

One of my favorite ideas was the tennis racquet jewelry display. It`s simple and adds some color to your walls! All you need it a nail to hang it up in the perfect spot.

Another fun idea was turning old vintage tennis racquets into wall mirrors. This requires a little bit more work than the jewelry display but is still pretty simple.

Take your old tennis racquet to the glass shop and have them custom cut the glass to fit the racquet head then use liquid nails to stick the mirror to the racquet. Hang it up and you have yourself a unique tennis racquet wall mirror that can add some flare to your house.

Now for the most creative idea of all, in my opinion, is the tennis racquet display shelf. This is somewhat trickier and will take some extra time but it is well worth it!

For this project you need a piece of fine wood (distressed if you want), three or four copper plated hooks, screws and of course, an old tennis racquet.

From what it seems, you cut the top quarter of the racquet so it can lay parallel to the rest of head, don`t cut it all the way through so that you don`t sever the string.

Use the piece of wood and cut it to fit the top half of the tennis racquet, you can paint it any color you wish. Fashion the plated hooks to the bottom so that you can hang things like award ribbons, keys or anything light.

Drill two holes into the top part of the tennis racquet handle so that you can secure it to the wall. (I know my directions are somewhat confusing but the picture to the left should clear up any misunderstanding!)

With so many creative things you can do with tennis racquets, other than hit tennis balls, you can preserve your memories and add some style to your home!

Babolat: From Strings to the Babolat Pure Drive

Beginning in 1875, the French company, Babolat, began manufacturing string. It wasn’t until 1994 that they began making other tennis equipment like shoes, bags and most importantly, tennis racquets, like their Babolat Pure Drive.

In the 18 years that Babolat has been producing tennis racquets, they have made huge strides in the tennis industry like being the most popular brand of racquets used in the Australian Open in 2005.

The newest release in Babolat`s line is the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT, enhanced with Babolat`s secret ingredient, graphite tungsten. Graphite tungsten technology is a hybrid material composed of braided carbon fibers and tungsten filaments throughout the whole racquet.

The Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT is perfect for players with moderate to full strokes, for the 4.5+ NTRP level players. Along with the GT technology, this racquet has Woofer Technology. Woofer is the first technology of its kind, making the frame and the strings interact with each other upon impact, delivering 10% more strength than other racquets.

The Cortex System implemented in the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT racquet is an active technology between the throat and the handle; these two parts are interconnected by an interface in the CDS (Cortex Dampening System) material, virtually eliminating unneeded vibrations.

The elliptic geometry of the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick GT is the ideal design which guarantees less torsion, and a +20% firmer beam, making for better maneuverability with more power.

Any of the Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquets offer superior performance for enhanced play. Babolat started as only a string company and has evolved into one of the top sports equipment companies in the world. Their tennis racquets are definitely worth every penny!

Santa Claus Loves Giving Tennis Gifts

This Christmas season has snuck up once again and it’s now time to start thinking about what you and your loved ones want from Santa. For a person that loves tennis, you can never go wrong with a new tennis bag, shoes or a racquet. Also, don’t forget that accessories, string, and grips make great stocking stuffers!


If the shoes are worn down, a new pair of shoes would be a great gift for any player. The new Adidas Barricade 7, available in men`s and women`s sizes, is a perfect gift. It is stylish, comfortable and really is the gift that keeps giving with the how durable this shoe is. It will last even with the most active tennis player, not to mention, it comes with a 6-month outsole guarantee which won`t be needed, however, it`s nice to have that peace of mind.

Another perfect present for a tennis player is the Asics Gel-Resolution 3, enhanced with a new Flexion Fit Upper which makes for a flawless fit along with comfort and support. The Babolat Propulse 3, worn by tennis pro, Andy Roddick, comes in men`s and women`s versions and includes a Kompressor System cushioning for maximum comfort.

Head offers a great variety of tennis shoes including the Head Insane Pro Junior for the younger players with a 6-month outsole guarantee. This shoe was engineered with a rubber outsole and EVA midsole offering perfect grip on any surface.


Racquets are another great gift option for tennis lovers with a very broad price range for any budget.  Ideal for players with moderate, powerful strikes is Prince`s EXO3 Red 105 tennis racquet. This racquet is enhanced with Prince`s new Thermocarbon string suspension inserts for a larger sweet spot.

The Wilson Blade 98 BLX Tennis Racquet is one of the top selling performance racquets in the world, perfect for players with aggressive, long strokes, recommended for the 4.5 + NTRP level players (available in Pink!).

The Volkl Power Bridge 10 325g Tennis Racquet is on the cheaper end of the spectrum and is proof that you don`t have to break the bank for a top performance racquet. This racquet is made for players with a high-skill level, recommended for players with aggressive, long strokes. It is integrated with high-level DNX technology being used in the bridge of the racquet head for the first time.


There is a wide range of bags from totes, racquet holders, backpacks and women`s bags. Tennis bags are great gift because they come in all different styles depending on the player`s personal fashion sense.

My personal favorite is the sleek and stylish, Cortiglia Marina Nero Tote, which was featured in Tennis Magazine and Daily Candy, made in Italy. It is a tennis tote but can easily double as a travel bag, purse or whatever the wearer chooses. It`s exterior has 2 zip compartments with magnetic protective flaps, top zip main compartment, side port hole for racquet handles and metal feet for protection. The interior has 1 zip pocket and 2 Tech pockets.

The Wilson Tour 9 Pack Tennis bag fits up to 9 racquets but the extra storage space can also hold clothes, accessories and whatever else you need to carry to and from the court. It has Wilson`s Thermoguard technology in both racquet compartments for ultimate racquet protection against heat and moisture.

The Volkl Team Pink Tennis Backpack is a perfect option for any budget. It`s great for racquets but can be used for anything. It is incredibly durable and holds up to 2 racquets.

Tennis equipment and accessories are perfect gifts for any tennis player, young, old, pro or beginner. Racquets, shoes and bags all offer the perfect combination of technology and style to allow any player to be the best at the game and express their fashion sense. Any tennis player will be overjoyed Christmas day when they find that Santa left them a great surprise under the tree!