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An Inspiring Story: Wounded U.S. Solider Serves as Ballperson at U.S. Open

Ryan McIntosh, a member of the US Army, is doing more with one tennis shoe than most of us could dream of.

I have always had mixed feelings about war but no matter what war we are fighting, I have always supported the US Military. The men and women who sacrifice their lives for my freedom are people I look up to; people who do what I would never have the courage to.

Ryan McIntosh lost his leg in December of 2010 in Afghanistan when he stepped on a land mine but has come a long way in his fight for normalcy and is now a US Open ballperson.

McIntosh is part of the U.S. Tennis Association`s initiative to reach out the members of the U.S. military and show them all the benefits the sport has to offer—both mental and physical.

“My big picture is just to honor those guys who have been injured just like I was and say, ‘You guys can still do anything you want, ` ” McIntosh told SunHerald.com. Although his goal is to reach out to those in similar situations as himself, he wants to remain unnoticed to the rest of the world. “I’m just a ballperson when I’m here,” he said. “It’s the same when I’m in the Army. I’m just a specialist. I’m not anything special. I don’t consider myself a wounded warrior. When I have my uniform on, you cannot tell. And that’s kind of my biggest goal here, too.”

Even more amazing is the fact that McIntosh`s son was born just shy over four months after his accident which was his main inspiration to get back up. “When I was growing up, my dad was always my coach, always right by my side. That’s what I want to do with my son,” McIntosh said.

A part of me wants to look at the sadness of the situation but after reading his story and seeing his positivity, I can`t help but smile.

To Read more visit: http://www.sunherald.com/2012/08/29/4154134/soldier-who-lost-leg-works-as.html#storylink=cpy


New SFX Babolat Tennis Shoes Uphold Company Value: Innovation

As we get further into the new year, many companies introduce newer, better products to the market. This year, Babolat jumped on the bandwagon of new releases with the  launch of their new line of Babolat tennis shoes; the SFX.

Many tennis retail shops have begun carrying the new line which upholds the company`s fundamental value; innovation. According to the Babolat website, “Our analysis of the game has also made us realize the importance of sideways and diagonal movements during tennis matches. This observation led to the birth of Babolat shoe technologies, which optimize the specific movements of tennis players.”

Babolat`s partnership with Michelin, the tire brand, has allowed the company to create tennis shoes with some of the most durable outsoles  and the SFX tennis shoes are no different. With the tennis experts at Babolat and the ground specialists at Michelin, Babolat tennis shoes have “special soles for all different types of surfaces.”

The Ergo-Motion technology implemented throughout the shoe in both the insole and midsole allow the sneaker to adapt to each player`s individual foot type for a “super” fit.

The Ergo-Motion Midsole is composed of two different materials in order to balance pressure points because during lateral movements and changes in directions, higher pressures are applied to the inner area of the foot.

REVAX which is the combination of rubber at EVA, is more resistant and softer giving it the ability to absorb shock. The EVA Light is on the external side and offers maximum cushioning.

The Ergo-Motion Insole is, in Babolat`s words, is “A multi-layer insole adapted to the foot`s anatomy.” No player has the exact same foot so the ability to adapt allows the SFX to work for all different types of players with different foot features. The insole is complete with an anti-slip mesh, memory foam for comfort and fit, PU ortholite for durable cushioning, Spring EVA, a 3d EVA hard cup for heel support and a soft EVA pad for maximum padding.

The new SFX line of tennis shoes are perfectly suited for any kind of tennis player with any kind of foot. Babolat has upheld their value of innovation with all of their products and Babolat tennis shoes are no different.

Tennis News and Court Shoes

Tennis players that make headlines and are loved by millions get to the top because of their natural talent and competitive nature, but many wouldn`t be where they are today without the proper gear; Technologically advanced racquets, training equipment and of course, the right court shoes.

This year, the Masters Series event for men and women at the Madrid Open will be played on a blue clay court instead of the classic red. While Venus Williams feels as though it is a fashion statement, another player calls it a “Smurf clay” and Rafael Nadal says it  “…is a mistake.”

Whether the players agree with the new shade or not, the Madrid Open isn’t going back on their decision and instead of worrying about the color, pros should focus on the type of shoe they are going to wear because clay courts, blue or red, require specific court shoes.

Unfortunately, Andy Murray had to pull out of the Madrid Open due to a back injury saying “I always love coming to Madrid so it is a big disappointment. I look forward to returning next year.”

The good news is that his feet are safe and sound thanks to his court shoes. Murray prefers the Adidas Barricade 7 which offer durability, extra cushioning and support needed for hard court surfaces.

What is interesting about Andy Murray is that he won the event in 2008 when it was played on a hard-court surface but has had no such luck since the Madrid Open decided to change to clay. This could be due to the fact that Murray doesn`t have the right shoes.

Although the Adidas Barricade 7 shoes are some of the finest court shoes on the market, there are others better suited for a clay surface. The Adidas Barricade Team tennis shoes, for instance, are designed to offer maximum traction on all court surfaces.

Babolat also offers a court shoe specifically made for playing on clay surfaces; the V-Pro Clay Tennis Shoes. The V-Pro Clay has a sole designed for ideal grip and slide balance with a Michelin twin chevron clay court pattern.

I`d have to say that what makes the pros as successful as they are is predominately skill but we can`t ignore the equipment that assists them throughout every match. Footwork is one of the most important aspects of the game and the proper court shoe enhances the natural talent, making every player the best player they can be.

Wilson Tour Construkt: Innovation and Ingenuity in a Tennis Shoe

The start of the New Year means new products from top brands like Prince, Babolat, Head and many more. Many of the new products have hit the tennis market with a bang, but it’s no doubt that the new Wilson Tour Construkt tennis shoe has made its mark among the new products of 2012.

Although at the higher end of the price scale (around $90), it will ideally suit a demanding player that requires an extremely durable shoe. The Wilson Tour Construkt is designed with synthetic leather upper with a Duratex toe to protect against wear from toe dragging.

The outsole has a pivot point for the athletes that generally play on their forefoot area, limiting wear and tear on the rest of the outsole which is crucial because of the herringbone pattern which lets the athlete play on any court surface.

The Wilson Tour Construkt also offers all around comfort. The midsole is composed of DST foam along with Reactive Gel (RG) inserts in the forefoot and heel, aiding in shock absorption.

During an intense match, the foot sweats and can cause uncomfortable chafing. To combat this common problem tennis players often face, the Tour Construkt is composed of a mesh that offers maximum breathability to keep feet dryer.

The Wilson Tour Construkt also features the TPU arch, giving arch support, stability and comfort.

The shoe is available in men, women and junior sizes and come in a variety of colors. The men`s version comes in white/silver/black or red/ black. The women’s come in simple white/silver or white/silver/pink. The junior models are offered in the same color schemes as their adult counterparts.

All tennis players have different needs when it comes to a tennis shoe but the Wilson Tour Construkt makes it a point to address all those requirements with innovative technology and ingenuity.

Prince T24 Tennis Shoes: Better Than Ever!

Prince is known for its top-quality designs, made for both men and women players. The company has updated the Prince T22`s and formed the Prince T24 tennis shoes, making them more versatile than ever.

Not only are the Prince T24 tennis shoes great for the active tennis player, they work for an array of other activities like running, volleyball, even quick errands.

The Prince T24 is the updated model of the T22`s which were recognized by the Tennis Industry Association and Sports Marketing as being the best-selling athletic shoe of 2010.

The T line of prince tennis shoes employs cutting edge technology which enhances lateral movements on the court.  The Prince T24 tennis shoe maintains all the qualities of its predecessor but features even more qualities.

The shoe has better breathability with its air mesh quarter, tongue panels and vamp. The shoe also provides maximum comfort with the lightweight synthetic material and even more cushioning with the PU sockliner.

The Prince T24 tennis shoes also provide stability with the innovative TPU forefoot straps and help avoid toe dragging with the RASH toe cap. The shoe also saves your feet from impact with the shock eraser. The PU insert causes shock to disperse underneath the feet.

Lateral stability is also enhanced with the “wishbone” TPU Shank and Prince also employs the PRC 1000 outsole providing maximum durability. Prince puts so much faith into the PRC 1000, offering a six-month outsole guarantee and you can play on any court surface without losing traction.

Not only are the Prince T24 tennis shoes of superior quality, they are extremely aesthetically appealing. The Women`s model comes in turquoise, white, black and silver while the men`s come in black, navy and green.

Prince T24 tennis shoes are packed with state-of –the-art technology offering superior comfort, ventilation, and stability. They were created for the active individual, helping reduce the risk of injury and boosting performance level.

Three Stripes and You’re In With Adidas Tennis Shoes

It was 1948 when Adi Dassler introduced the official name; Adidas. It was then that he also came up with the distinctive Adidas trademark; the three stripes, that can be seen on all Adidas tennis shoes and other sportswear.

Throughout the years while the Adidas brand continued to grow, Adidas tennis shoes were spotted at tons of national sporting events like the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki where Emil Zatopek won three gold medals wearing Adidas tennis shoes.

In 1954, the German football team won the World Cup wearing Adi`s football boots with innovative screw-in studs, the boot that was later called the “World Champion.”

Wilma Rudolph had Polio as a child and was never expected to walk again. It was in 1960, at the Olympic Games in Rome where, Rudolph, also known as the “Black Gazelle,” won three medals wearing the legendary Adidas tennis shoes. To mark this special event, the “Italia” shoe was born and is still popular today.

In 1964, at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Adidas tennis shoes were being worn by 80% of the competitors. Dassler also designed a new running shoe for Adebe Bikila which pushed his weight forward in order to repair his running style.

The official Adidas tennis shoes have been around since 1948, but even before that, Adi Dassler was creating tennis shoes.  Since 1920, Dassler followed three guiding principles: To produce the best shoe to serve the needs of the sport, to protect the athlete from injury and to make the shoe durable. Although Adi Dassler has passed away, Adidas still follows these principles in an effort to maintain their reputation and dedication to creating great shoes.

Adi Dassler had a modest aspiration; to design good shoes, and that he did. He wasn’t driven by money, only a love for sports which is evident when wearing Adidas tennis shoes.

Santa Claus Loves Giving Tennis Gifts

This Christmas season has snuck up once again and it’s now time to start thinking about what you and your loved ones want from Santa. For a person that loves tennis, you can never go wrong with a new tennis bag, shoes or a racquet. Also, don’t forget that accessories, string, and grips make great stocking stuffers!


If the shoes are worn down, a new pair of shoes would be a great gift for any player. The new Adidas Barricade 7, available in men`s and women`s sizes, is a perfect gift. It is stylish, comfortable and really is the gift that keeps giving with the how durable this shoe is. It will last even with the most active tennis player, not to mention, it comes with a 6-month outsole guarantee which won`t be needed, however, it`s nice to have that peace of mind.

Another perfect present for a tennis player is the Asics Gel-Resolution 3, enhanced with a new Flexion Fit Upper which makes for a flawless fit along with comfort and support. The Babolat Propulse 3, worn by tennis pro, Andy Roddick, comes in men`s and women`s versions and includes a Kompressor System cushioning for maximum comfort.

Head offers a great variety of tennis shoes including the Head Insane Pro Junior for the younger players with a 6-month outsole guarantee. This shoe was engineered with a rubber outsole and EVA midsole offering perfect grip on any surface.


Racquets are another great gift option for tennis lovers with a very broad price range for any budget.  Ideal for players with moderate, powerful strikes is Prince`s EXO3 Red 105 tennis racquet. This racquet is enhanced with Prince`s new Thermocarbon string suspension inserts for a larger sweet spot.

The Wilson Blade 98 BLX Tennis Racquet is one of the top selling performance racquets in the world, perfect for players with aggressive, long strokes, recommended for the 4.5 + NTRP level players (available in Pink!).

The Volkl Power Bridge 10 325g Tennis Racquet is on the cheaper end of the spectrum and is proof that you don`t have to break the bank for a top performance racquet. This racquet is made for players with a high-skill level, recommended for players with aggressive, long strokes. It is integrated with high-level DNX technology being used in the bridge of the racquet head for the first time.


There is a wide range of bags from totes, racquet holders, backpacks and women`s bags. Tennis bags are great gift because they come in all different styles depending on the player`s personal fashion sense.

My personal favorite is the sleek and stylish, Cortiglia Marina Nero Tote, which was featured in Tennis Magazine and Daily Candy, made in Italy. It is a tennis tote but can easily double as a travel bag, purse or whatever the wearer chooses. It`s exterior has 2 zip compartments with magnetic protective flaps, top zip main compartment, side port hole for racquet handles and metal feet for protection. The interior has 1 zip pocket and 2 Tech pockets.

The Wilson Tour 9 Pack Tennis bag fits up to 9 racquets but the extra storage space can also hold clothes, accessories and whatever else you need to carry to and from the court. It has Wilson`s Thermoguard technology in both racquet compartments for ultimate racquet protection against heat and moisture.

The Volkl Team Pink Tennis Backpack is a perfect option for any budget. It`s great for racquets but can be used for anything. It is incredibly durable and holds up to 2 racquets.

Tennis equipment and accessories are perfect gifts for any tennis player, young, old, pro or beginner. Racquets, shoes and bags all offer the perfect combination of technology and style to allow any player to be the best at the game and express their fashion sense. Any tennis player will be overjoyed Christmas day when they find that Santa left them a great surprise under the tree!