Roger Federer Opens Up About Hurt Confidence

In a recent article published on ESPN. com, pro tennis star, Roger Federer, opens up about his game, his confidence and his future in the tennis world.

Roger Federer, ranked No.3 hasn`t won a major tournament since the 2010 Australian Open and although he doesn`t feel this has anything to do with his performance, he did say that, “a bit of confidence not on my side and on my opponent’s side.”

His lack of confidence could possibly be due to the, “tough losses over the past couple of years.”  Although the pro did break Pete Sampras` record of 14 Grand Slam singles titles, he did miss breaking Sampras` mark of a 286 week record at No.1 by merely a week.

Although times have been tough for the pro, he claims he is doing just fine, “It would be great having that record but my life is very much OK without it, too,” Federer said. “Pete is a good friend and was an amazing champion for our game. I don’t need to break every record he has. I came so close and I could have chased it if I had wanted to. I didn’t choose to.”

Even though his confidence, or perhaps his ego, is somewhat hurt, he is positive about his future in the game, mentioning that he has won three titles in the last four months and believes he can once again be No.1.

“I feel if I play really well until the U.S. Open, and then obviously there is a shot. But then again there is a shot for about 10 players,” Federer said. “I am aware I’m not the only one. But I feel like I’m on a good run right now. I’ve won a lot of tournaments in a short time, which gives me a lot of confidence.”

Despite this rough patch, Roger Federer is no doubt one of those most skilled players in the tennis world and being ranked at No. 3 is quite an accomplishment; but do you think he can be No.1 again?



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