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Tennis Bags for Women and Animal Print: A Perfect Match!

If you’re a female tennis player you don`t have to settle for a boring duffle bag to meet your needs. Tennis bags for women have evolved along with the fashion world and makers of tennis bags for women, such as Jet or 40 Love Courture keep you stylish on the court while maintaining the functionality you expect in a tennis bag. Whak Sak tennis Bag Company has even been called a “diva phenomenon,” and what diva doesn’t arrive in style?

Over the years, women`s fashion has changed dramatically. In the 1960`s, for instance, many traditional fashion trends were broken, reflecting the social movements of the time. The 60`s gave way to go-go boots, culottes, the pillbox hat and the ever so popular, bikini, which was featured in the 1963 musical, Beach Party. Since the 60`s we have seen countless trends come and go but tennis bags for women have kept up with the rapidly changing world of women`s fashion.

I have never thought about this before but a friend of mine brought this to my attention; women`s fashion, ironically, seems to replicate nature. Animal print, for instance, is extremely popular these days and what is ironic about this trend is that these prints (zebra, leopard, crocodile, etc.), is that these patterns are used by creatures for survival. Animals use these patterns as camouflage, to avoid becoming lunch for another higher up in the food chain. We women use these markings to do the exact opposite; be noticed!

One of the most “in-style” trends of today is the zebra print and many tennis bags for women use this popular pattern. 40 Love Courture and Jet design many of their bags with the trendy pattern as well as Whak Sak, although the company has given the zebra pattern a different name; “Money Honey” tennis bags.

Reptile patterns are another inspiration for women`s fashion and again, tennis bags for women are keeping up with the times. You`ll will find many `croc` patterns from manufactures like 40 Love Courture, Whak Sak and Jet.

Tennis bags for women have kept up with the ironic world of women`s fashion, allowing female athletes to stay in style even on the court!

Tennis News: Martina Navratilova Dances with the Stars

Although I have never been a huge fan of the show, something about the new season of Dancing with the Stars has piqued my interest.

Tennis champion, Martina Navratilova, has hung up her tennis racquets for the time being and began the grueling process of training for Dancing with the Stars with her partner, Tony Dovolani. The new season is set to air March 19, 2012.

Billie Jean King called Navratilova “…the greatest singles, doubles and mixed-doubles player who’s ever lived,” an extremely bold and flattering statement coming from one of the most highly regarded female tennis players of our time.

But does this tennis pro have the grace of a dancer? It is no doubt that Martina Navratilova is used to intense training and her natural athleticism that she has shown on the court will definitely help her on the dance floor.

Many athletes have been a part of the show in past seasons like star soccer competitor, Hope Solo, Olympic athlete, Maurice Greene, Warren Sapp, NFL super star and many more. It seems as though athletes have an inherent sense of competition, which seems to boost performance levels on the dance floor.

Any advice for Martina would be to make sure that she acts the part. In tennis there is no need to act; however, dancing is a whole different type of performance. If she can do that she will avoid the fate of tennis champ, Monica Seles, who danced with the stars in the show`s sixth season but was cut early in the competition. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she felt that it was her lack of acting experience that caused the lack of votes for her and her partner, “I never missed a step, but I couldn’t act the storyline.”

There’s no telling what will become of Navratilova`s dance career but if she puts as much effort into her samba steps that she does into her lateral movements on the court, she is sure to be successful!

Wilson Tour Construkt: Innovation and Ingenuity in a Tennis Shoe

The start of the New Year means new products from top brands like Prince, Babolat, Head and many more. Many of the new products have hit the tennis market with a bang, but it’s no doubt that the new Wilson Tour Construkt tennis shoe has made its mark among the new products of 2012.

Although at the higher end of the price scale (around $90), it will ideally suit a demanding player that requires an extremely durable shoe. The Wilson Tour Construkt is designed with synthetic leather upper with a Duratex toe to protect against wear from toe dragging.

The outsole has a pivot point for the athletes that generally play on their forefoot area, limiting wear and tear on the rest of the outsole which is crucial because of the herringbone pattern which lets the athlete play on any court surface.

The Wilson Tour Construkt also offers all around comfort. The midsole is composed of DST foam along with Reactive Gel (RG) inserts in the forefoot and heel, aiding in shock absorption.

During an intense match, the foot sweats and can cause uncomfortable chafing. To combat this common problem tennis players often face, the Tour Construkt is composed of a mesh that offers maximum breathability to keep feet dryer.

The Wilson Tour Construkt also features the TPU arch, giving arch support, stability and comfort.

The shoe is available in men, women and junior sizes and come in a variety of colors. The men`s version comes in white/silver/black or red/ black. The women’s come in simple white/silver or white/silver/pink. The junior models are offered in the same color schemes as their adult counterparts.

All tennis players have different needs when it comes to a tennis shoe but the Wilson Tour Construkt makes it a point to address all those requirements with innovative technology and ingenuity.

Prince T24 Tennis Shoes: Better Than Ever!

Prince is known for its top-quality designs, made for both men and women players. The company has updated the Prince T22`s and formed the Prince T24 tennis shoes, making them more versatile than ever.

Not only are the Prince T24 tennis shoes great for the active tennis player, they work for an array of other activities like running, volleyball, even quick errands.

The Prince T24 is the updated model of the T22`s which were recognized by the Tennis Industry Association and Sports Marketing as being the best-selling athletic shoe of 2010.

The T line of prince tennis shoes employs cutting edge technology which enhances lateral movements on the court.  The Prince T24 tennis shoe maintains all the qualities of its predecessor but features even more qualities.

The shoe has better breathability with its air mesh quarter, tongue panels and vamp. The shoe also provides maximum comfort with the lightweight synthetic material and even more cushioning with the PU sockliner.

The Prince T24 tennis shoes also provide stability with the innovative TPU forefoot straps and help avoid toe dragging with the RASH toe cap. The shoe also saves your feet from impact with the shock eraser. The PU insert causes shock to disperse underneath the feet.

Lateral stability is also enhanced with the “wishbone” TPU Shank and Prince also employs the PRC 1000 outsole providing maximum durability. Prince puts so much faith into the PRC 1000, offering a six-month outsole guarantee and you can play on any court surface without losing traction.

Not only are the Prince T24 tennis shoes of superior quality, they are extremely aesthetically appealing. The Women`s model comes in turquoise, white, black and silver while the men`s come in black, navy and green.

Prince T24 tennis shoes are packed with state-of –the-art technology offering superior comfort, ventilation, and stability. They were created for the active individual, helping reduce the risk of injury and boosting performance level.

Create Your Family`s Personal Recreation Center With A Tennis Ball Machine

Growing up, my grandparents always had a tennis court in their backyard. You could make the tennis net higher if you wanted to play volleyball, and you could take the tennis net down altogether and play basketball with the hoops that were planted on either side of the court.  That court was probably what got me so interested in the game of tennis but there was one thing that it was missing; a tennis ball machine.

Sometimes I didn`t have a partner to play with so a tennis ball machine would have come in real handy! If you have the extra room on your property, you can make use of the spare space and make your backyard into your family`s own personal rec center; even if you’re on a budget!

For your own tennis court, you’re going to need to invest in tennis net. A ball machine would also make the tennis court even better because it will allow you and other members of the family to practice alone when others are busy.

There are so many options of tennis ball machines, ranging from around $500 all the way up to $8,000. Of course you don`t need an $8,000 tennis ball machine for a home court; there are plenty of options on the lower end of the price spectrum.

The battery operated Tennis Tutor Cube Oscillating Ball Machine is a lower cost tennis ball machine perfect for a home court.  It has a ball capacity of 150 balls and a ball ejection speed of 10-60 MPH.  The Tennis Cube also has a built in random oscillator that throws balls in a sweeping pattern from side to side giving you a great workout!

You can set the Tennis Cube to throw balls between every 2 seconds to every 10 seconds, letting you control how you want to practice your swings.

So if you have spare space, time, a little extra cash and you love the game of tennis, take a look at some of the products you need to create your family`s own private recreation center. Keep in mind, however, once you neighbors find out it might not be so private!

New Courts and Tennis Nets Improve Experience at San Diego`s Roosevelt IB Middle School

The Greater San Diego Tennis Council is a charitable association with goals of restoring and resurfacing tennis courts all over San Diego County. Over the recent school break, the council held a ceremony celebrating the future renovation of the tennis courts at Roosevelt IB Middle School. The Greater San Diego Tennis Council plans to make many improvements including resurfacing the courts and replacing metal nets with traditional tennis nets.

Past NBA pro, TV sportscaster and local resident of San Diego, Bill Walton was a huge supporter of the initiative and attended the ceremony. “I am proud, privileged, honored, humbled and most fortunate to be directly involved in this wonderful project,” said Walton. “We owe our children the best, and this is a huge step in the right direction.”

Not only does the Tennis Council plan remodel the run-down tennis courts, they want to change the sand-surface field to a more multi-purpose grass park. The renovations will hopefully deliver an improved environment for the students as well as the public.

The principal of Roosevelt IB Middle School expressed his excitement for the project, “It’s an honor to be a part of this collaborative effort to support academics and athleticisms.  We encourage our students to find a sport they like and become good at it so they might compete for academic and athletic scholarships to college one day.”

As of now, the tennis courts are asphalt-surfaced and the tennis nets that are presently installed are metal and possibly unsafe.

The tennis courts will be transformed into the advanced,  two-toned hard court surface and the metal nets will be replaced with conventional tennis nets. The new courts will also be lined in accordance with the USTA`s “10 and under tennis” guidelines to give the younger children a chance to learn and enjoy the game.

Ben Press, president of the Greater San Diego City Tennis Council stated, “As an alumnus of Roosevelt Middle School, I remember playing on two white cement tennis courts.  Now four tennis courts will be renovated for the enjoyment of students and community members for many years to come.”

Thanks to the generosity of the Greater San Diego Tennis Council, the San Diego District, foundations and private donors, students and community members are going to be able have an enriched experience at Roosevelt IB Middle School. Hopefully this initiative will spark the renovation of other tennis courts in San Diego and other cities.

Becoming a Tennis Coach Requires Teaching Know-How, Tennis Knowledge and a Ball Hopper

There is nothing more rewarding than doing something you love and getting paid for it. If you love tennis, know everything about the game and enjoy teaching, you might want to consider becoming a tennis coach! There are certain things you need to be successful in this career, for instance, you need to be certified and you need the right tools like a tennis ball hopper and a tennis ball machine.

First off, you need to know every aspect of the game and be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your students. Secondly, you need to know how to teach and the teaching methods that work best for you. A great start to this would be assisting a pro tennis coach and getting some experience under your belt.

You also need to get certified and the United States has two professional tennis organizations. It is wise to belong to both of these organizations so you can be current will all news and information relating to the tennis industry. Being a part of these organizations also helps you gain valuable contacts that you may not have access to otherwise.

It all depends on where you coach but one of the most important tools for a tennis coach is a ball hopper. You sure to find a tennis ball hopper within your budget but a great option for an instructor are the HOAG Teach `n` Travel Cart with Lid.

The HOAG Teach `n` Travel ball hopper is ideal for traveling tennis coaches. There is no assembly needed and it easily transported because it has collapsible button-locking legs. Racquets can also be locked inside the cart for added protection.

Becoming a tennis instructor requires a learning process but can be well worth the time. Having a career doing something you love is priceless! If you don`t know what you want to do for a profession or your looking for a career change, consider becoming a tennis coach! Getting the materials like a tennis ball hopper, racquet and balls is the easy part, it’s learning how to teach that may seem challenging but it`s worth it!