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An Odd Item in Djokovic`s Tennis Bag

At the 2012 Wimbledon tournament, Novak Djokovic pulled an unsuspecting item out of his athletic bag…. What was it? A golf club!

Spectators were wondering why one of the world`s top ranked tennis players was carrying a golf club… Was he confused? Maybe he`s thinking about taking up a new hobby.

No he wasn`t confused and he isn`t retiring his tennis racquet… it was merely a publicity stunt to show off Head tennis company`s  new upright golf/tennis crossover sports bag.

“My sponsor provided me with a junior golf club,” Djokovic said after the match. “The racquet bags look like golf clubs. […] Fans corrected me straight away, saying ‘this is not a golf club’. We were trying to come up with something different.”

The publicity stunt was well thought out by the tennis company. They showcased
their new bag by getting the audience`s attention.

When I first saw the bag I thought that it`s not a bad idea by Head. Many people who play tennis also enjoy golf so why not make a bag that you can take from the tennis court to the putting green?

However, that wasn`t Head`s intention. According to the company website, the new White LTD Edition  was intended specifically for tennis.

“The new white HEAD bag echoes the design and functionality found in golf bags. The white racquet carrier comes with a simple fold-out stand system which allows the stylish piece of kit to remain upright for easy access; when not in use, the unique stand system folds neatly out of the way.”

Although Head may have not  designed the bag for a golfer, it would still work for those who enjoy both of the sports and “hats off” to the marketing team at the Head tennis company for coming up with such a good marketing tactic!

T-22 Team Prince Tennis Bags: Take One for the Team!

Since 1970, Prince Tennis Company has been an innovative leader in the tennis industry. They were the first to create the tennis ball machine for home court use, the first to introduce racquet technologies like “Oversize” and “Longbody” and the first brand to design the market`s multi-filament string. Prince tennis bags have also become extremely popular among players and the brand has introduced the T-22 Team tennis bags, built specifically for tennis teams.

Players of any kind of team typically dress in the same uniform, carry the same type of bag, and in some cases, they may even sport the same hairdo.

This type of similar attire within a team creates a sense of unity and shows the opponents that “if you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.” The T-22 Team Prince tennis bag was built to conform to this team mentality.

The T-22 Team Prince tennis bags come in a variety of simple color schemes including black/white, green/white, navy/white, royal blue/white and red/white; all of which are designed to be embroidered with a school or team logo in many different locations.

Prince calls their T-22 Team collection, “the ultimate team bag,” and it was built to match their top-selling T22 Prince footwear line.

This specific Prince Tennis bag can hold 7-12 racquets and is also equipped with enough room for accessories, even a towel or a change of clothes. It also features a specific shoe pocket to keep your gear separate from your dirty shoes.

The Prince Company has “proven itself to be an industry leader in the innovation and manufacturing of performance racquet sports products” and they have no doubt lived up to that expectation in every aspect of their products. It is clear, through the T-22 Team and all their other bags, that Prince Tennis bags are held to that same standard.

Wilson Tennis Bags Showcased in the Company’s Headquarter Lobby

For years Wilson has been designing sports equipment built for tennis, football, baseball and more. Wilson is so proud of their products that even their Global Headquarters in Chicago has become a display for some of their most prized creations with a lobby decorated with Wilson tennis bags, tennis balls and more. The company has even created a wall made out of the innovative materials that are featured in their designs.

“All of our innovative products are uniquely displayed in our lobby.  We wantall of our guests to touch, feel and experience our great products.” Wilson`s lobby is a place you will find a multitude of products, even a lamp shade composed of tennis balls. In the picture of the lobby on Wilson`s official website, you can easily spot the display of Wilson tennis bags.

The Wilson tennis bags in the picture seem to be the extremely popular; Wilson Tour 6,9,12 or 15 Pack and I can only imagine what other bags they have decided to put on display in other areas of the lobby not in the frame.

Although there are so many options of Wilson tennis bags, I have a few favorites that, if it were up to me, I would definitely want to showcase, including, the Federer Packs, the Hope Collection, the Milan line and the Premium leather bags.

The Federer line of Wilson tennis bags are offered in a 15, 12, 6 or 3 pack and is a replica of Roger Federer`s actual tennis bag. Even though this bag was made for a pro, it is a perfect tennis bag for the avid recreational players as well. The bag is also embroidered with the tennis champion’s signature for added appeal.

The exclusive Hope Collection of Wilson tennis bags is made out of soft fabric (I would bet it`s on the Wilson wall of innovative materials) and made with the tennis player in mind. By far, the best part of this collection is that it was made to benefit a well-worthy cause; The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 1% of the sale of any Hope bag is donated to the foundation along with the company`s annual donation of $100,000!

The Milan line of Wilson Tennis bags, offered in a tote or a backpack, is completely inspired by European fashion. The bag has a simple yet sophisticated chic about it; perfect for a player who cares about fashion and functionality but doesn`t want to be too flashy.

The Premium Leather line of Wilson tennis bags is known as “A time-honored design” and has set a new standard for luxury tennis bags. It is made out of full grain native Texas steel leather and uses the finest metal hardware. It is timeless, a tennis bag that will never go out of style!

After years in the industry, Wilson has created sports equipment that has enhanced the sports world. They are so proud of their products that everything from tennis balls to Wilson tennis bags is put on display. There is no better guarantee in a product than a company who stands behind it with such a passion!

Go Head to Head with Head Tennis Bags in 2012

The New Year means new resolutions, breaking bad habits and celebration. For leading companies in any industry, the New Year marks the release of new products with new features and benefits. For Head Tennis Company, 2012 not only means new products but the 25th birthday celebration of their Prestige-Absolute Precision line of tennis racquets. To commemorate the collection they have released a new line of Head tennis bags with a fresh Prestige inspired design.

Created to represent the legendary Prestige-Absolute Precision line of racquets, the new Head tennis bags are meant to uphold the reputation of the Prestige series which has enhanced the game for so many players.

Not only does the new collection of Head tennis bags uphold tradition, it marks Head`s entrance  into the tennis industry with a new generation of tennis racquets engineered with innovative technology way ahead of its time; the carbon fibre construction.

The Prestige-Absolute Precision series of Head tennis bags, available now, are made for the series tennis athlete. They are offered in three styles; the Prestige Combi Ltd. Edition, the Monstercombi and the Prestige Backpack.

All bags are simply designed, with a red, white, grey and black color scheme. The main benefit of these bags, above all else, is that they were made to be reliable, durable and practical.

Along with the release of the new Prestige collection of tennis bags, the brand has updated the Djokovic and Elite collections. The new and improved lines of Head tennis bags are set to be released in March of 2012.

Head has made its presence known throughout the tennis industry by creating high-quality equipment with innovative designs. Their ingenuity has no doubt enhanced the game for countless players.

The 2012 line of Head tennis bags signify Head`s dedication to the game of tennis; over 25 years of dedication! The success they have achieved over the years is proof that their equipment is top of the line.

Tennis Bags for Women and Animal Print: A Perfect Match!

If you’re a female tennis player you don`t have to settle for a boring duffle bag to meet your needs. Tennis bags for women have evolved along with the fashion world and makers of tennis bags for women, such as Jet or 40 Love Courture keep you stylish on the court while maintaining the functionality you expect in a tennis bag. Whak Sak tennis Bag Company has even been called a “diva phenomenon,” and what diva doesn’t arrive in style?

Over the years, women`s fashion has changed dramatically. In the 1960`s, for instance, many traditional fashion trends were broken, reflecting the social movements of the time. The 60`s gave way to go-go boots, culottes, the pillbox hat and the ever so popular, bikini, which was featured in the 1963 musical, Beach Party. Since the 60`s we have seen countless trends come and go but tennis bags for women have kept up with the rapidly changing world of women`s fashion.

I have never thought about this before but a friend of mine brought this to my attention; women`s fashion, ironically, seems to replicate nature. Animal print, for instance, is extremely popular these days and what is ironic about this trend is that these prints (zebra, leopard, crocodile, etc.), is that these patterns are used by creatures for survival. Animals use these patterns as camouflage, to avoid becoming lunch for another higher up in the food chain. We women use these markings to do the exact opposite; be noticed!

One of the most “in-style” trends of today is the zebra print and many tennis bags for women use this popular pattern. 40 Love Courture and Jet design many of their bags with the trendy pattern as well as Whak Sak, although the company has given the zebra pattern a different name; “Money Honey” tennis bags.

Reptile patterns are another inspiration for women`s fashion and again, tennis bags for women are keeping up with the times. You`ll will find many `croc` patterns from manufactures like 40 Love Courture, Whak Sak and Jet.

Tennis bags for women have kept up with the ironic world of women`s fashion, allowing female athletes to stay in style even on the court!

I`m Never Leaving Home without My Whak Sak Tennis Bag

So I got one of my Christmas presents early this year and it was just what I wanted. The Whak Sak Pennies in Heaven Baby Sak Tennis bag for women. I was so excited to try my new bag out, so the next morning I packed it up, getting ready for my weekly match.

I filled my water bottle with freezing cold water, kept cold by the specialized magnetic, insulated, detachable cooler and fastened my keys to the key hook. I got my sunscreen, SPF 80 (I burn easy), my sunglasses, cell phone, wallet and gum and loaded it all into the front zippered pocket. I also stuffed a change of clothes into the main compartment.

I walked out my front door and just as I was pulling out the driveway I realized I forgot the most important thing. My racquet! I rushed back inside, running late at this point and grabbed my racquet and my spare; both easily fit in the main compartment with my clothes!

I hurried to the court and was there just on time to start the match. After the game while walking back to my car, a lady stopped me… “Where`d you get that tennis bag? It`s beautiful.” Another women heard out conversation and jumped in. “That bag is fantastic… how many racquets can you fit?”

“Two,” I answered, “but along with my two racquets I can fit a change of clothes and all my other stuff!” I proceeded to unzip the front compartment to show them how roomy this Whak Sak tennis bag is…all of them envious!

Finally at my car, I jumped in and went home. I took a short nap then woke up to my dog licking my face, bringing my tennis ball to my hand… just begging me to play.

My dog is a lab and loves the water so I decided to take her to dog beach. I got my new tennis bag, already loaded with my sunglasses, sunscreen and all the other essentials, threw in some doggie bags (not the good kind) and a few of her tennis balls and off we went.

As I was leaving I realized that the Wak Sak Pennies in Heaven Baby Sak is not only a sling tennis bag, it is easily converted into a backpack… perfect for the beach because both my hands are tied up with my 85 pound dog!

There are so many options of tennis bags for women from Whak Sak and I couldn’t have asked for a better early Christmas present than the Whak Sak Pennies in Heaven Baby Sak. It was so convenient, not only at the tennis court but at dog beach and anywhere else I feel like going!

Dear Santa, All I Want for Christmas is a New Tennis Bag

I don`t mean to be greedy but I am in need of a new tennis bag! There are so many options I just can’t choose. There`s the Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag that comes in scarlet red, the Jet Racing Stripes (Zebra) tennis tote bag, the 40 Love Courture Natural Cheetah Tennis Backpack, and the Cortiglia Marina Nero Tennis Tote.

The Court Couture Cassanova tennis bag in Scarlet Red is beautiful and comes with a matching mini make-up bag. Being an animal lover, I am so happy this bag is made of Croco embossed patent faux leather. It has metal feet to protect the bottom from damage and dual shoulder straps with a 10″ drop. The interior is composed of a fine textile lining with 2 oversized racquet compartments. It also comes with plenty of pockets to store extra things for the court like water bottles, sunscreen, sunglasses and much more.

The Jet Racing Stripes (Zebra) tennis tote is perfect for the court but can double as an overnight bag or even a purse. The two large side pockets are for racquets with the main compartment in between to hold anything you want. The bag also has velcro and snap closures, a name card holder in case it’s ever lost, padded shoulder straps, and an extra side pocket. One of my favorite features about this bag is that the front pocket comes with a built in organizer so you don’t ever miss a match.

The 40 Love Courture Natural Cheetah tennis backpack come in cheetah print with brown trim and orange accents made of durable sun/stain resistant outdoor fabric. One of my favorite features about this bag is the Swarovski crystal rivets on the outside which add even more style to this tote. It also has a removable padded shoulder and bottom liner for added protection. It has four interior pockets to hold any of your extra accessories.

The Cortiglia Marina Nero Tennis Tote is on the expensive side but worth it in my opinion. It was featured in Tennis Magazine and Daily Candy, made in Italy. This tote is an excellent tennis bag as it can hold 2 racquets but is also a perfect carry-on.

Santa, this is the only present I want this Christmas, nothing else.  I have been good and I think it`s well deserved. Please, when I wake up Christmas morning, let me find a new tennis bag underneath the tree!