The 100 Greatest Tennis Players of All Time

For the first time in television history, the Tennis Channel will be ranking the best 100 tennis players of all time. Presented by Ally Bank, the five night special series will be counting down the 100 Greatest of all Time starting Monday, March 19th through the Friday, March 23rd.

The series will cover  the best tennis athletes, both men and women, through the generations including, Bil Tilden, Suzanne Lenglen and Billie Jean King to Serena Williams and Roger Federer along with many more. The special edition series will also show archival clips and interviews as well as photographs.

Network executives hope and expect this series to be a huge success. “This is a  televised answer to the old sports saying that great athletes don’t just compete with their contemporaries – they compete with everyone who ever played the game, said Laura Hockridge, vice president of original programming. “No one has devoted this much air time to exploring and ranking the top 100 tennis players in history and, while we don’t think viewers will be surprised with the names at the top of our list, we expect this series to add to the ongoing fan debate, rather than settle it.”

The 100 greatest tennis players of all time were chosen by an international panel including players, journalists, coaches, historians and tennis industry representatives. Contributors in this committee are from  six different continents. While the voting was taking place, producer`s spent months gathering footage and conducting interviews. The series has taken about a year to put together.

If you want to learn more about this legendary event you can visit the Tennis channel`s website, their Facebook pageYouTube channel,  and their Twitter feed.


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