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Wilson Tour Construkt: Innovation and Ingenuity in a Tennis Shoe

The start of the New Year means new products from top brands like Prince, Babolat, Head and many more. Many of the new products have hit the tennis market with a bang, but it’s no doubt that the new Wilson Tour Construkt tennis shoe has made its mark among the new products of 2012.

Although at the higher end of the price scale (around $90), it will ideally suit a demanding player that requires an extremely durable shoe. The Wilson Tour Construkt is designed with synthetic leather upper with a Duratex toe to protect against wear from toe dragging.

The outsole has a pivot point for the athletes that generally play on their forefoot area, limiting wear and tear on the rest of the outsole which is crucial because of the herringbone pattern which lets the athlete play on any court surface.

The Wilson Tour Construkt also offers all around comfort. The midsole is composed of DST foam along with Reactive Gel (RG) inserts in the forefoot and heel, aiding in shock absorption.

During an intense match, the foot sweats and can cause uncomfortable chafing. To combat this common problem tennis players often face, the Tour Construkt is composed of a mesh that offers maximum breathability to keep feet dryer.

The Wilson Tour Construkt also features the TPU arch, giving arch support, stability and comfort.

The shoe is available in men, women and junior sizes and come in a variety of colors. The men`s version comes in white/silver/black or red/ black. The women’s come in simple white/silver or white/silver/pink. The junior models are offered in the same color schemes as their adult counterparts.

All tennis players have different needs when it comes to a tennis shoe but the Wilson Tour Construkt makes it a point to address all those requirements with innovative technology and ingenuity.